Avengers fanfiction peter calls tony during a meeting

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Losing Gwen was more than just heartbreaking for Peter Parker. It shattered him. But, he must piece himself back together, swallow his misery, and do what has to be done. Can he keep the glue from cracking? OR 5 times Peter met an Avenger, and the one time Spiderman met them all while he struggles with an abusive uncle at home.

The Accords are finally terminated, the Rogue Avengers return to the Tower. There they meet Peter Parker, who is just a little mad. Only a few of the rules Richard Parker carved into Peter's mind.

But none are as important as Rule 1: Don't trust anybody. Yet, things turn complicated after Germany.

avengers fanfiction peter calls tony during a meeting

After Tony Stark. As Tony copes with the effects of Siberia, he'll discover that Peter Parker is a whole new headache for him to deal with, one he'll find he doesn't mind as much. Peter Parker thought his sophomore year at Midtown High couldn't get worse after the Homecoming incident.

Turns out being an illegal vigilante can lead to all sorts of problems, such as having SHIELD send the actual fucking Avengers after you.

In the midst of Peter finding out just how to navigate his hero work under the guise of Spider-Man, he makes new enemies, new friends, and possible creates the world's worst villain yet.

The Rogue Avengers, now pardoned, return to Stark Tower. Tony just wants to get everything settled, but the group is sidetracked by the teenager sleeping on the couch. Or Peter's sick, asleep on the couch when the Rogue Avengers come back to the Tower. Tony has to find some way to explain who Peter is, without revealing his identity. Let it be known that Peter Parker had expected some sort of weird initiation process, it being the Avengers and all Tony wants Peter to meet the Avengers but the Avengers want to have a bit of fun with him first.

This story is also on FanFiction as well under the same title and also the same username. Peter and Ned create a device that can playback a person's memories, but Ned accidentally breaks an important part of the system leaving Peter connected with no way to safely remove the device.

The replacement part will take days to programme leaving Tony with a vulnerable Spider-Kid showing off all his memories and secrets on a screen. It's a good thing he likes the kid, and has the avengers to help him look after the dork while Ned fixes things.

avengers fanfiction peter calls tony during a meeting

And maybe watching a memory or two wouldn't hurt, after all the kid is like a son to him and Tony just wants to know him better. When the Rogue Avengers decide they want to know more about the hero they'd fought against, Tony admits to knowing next to nothing about the masked man. Tony had been acting kind of off lately… The Avengers try to figure out what is going on, but what they find out is not what they had expected.

If he was being honest with himself, he was slightly terrified of the skinny boy standing in front of him, who looked as relaxed as he could possibly be, so naturally, Tony stuck out his hand for the boy to shake, ignoring the slight twitch from him at the sudden movement.

Featuring shameless Peter whump, way too much angst to be healthy, and a bucketload of Irondad and Spiderson fluff.

TonyStark: Spidey came through my lab window again without telling me and it scared the demons inside of me so much I dropped my phone. As the child of the Winter Soldier and one of the deadliest Black Widows to ever have existed, Peter has a lot to live up to in the dark, dark world of secrets, lies, and assassins.Hey everyone!

So yeah, I feel like I owe you guys an explanation. So as some of you many have noticed, Watching Spider-Man Homecoming, my story, has been deleted.

Yes, I deleted it. I had to because copyright issues were starting to stress me out so much and due to the popularity of the story, it caused me to worry more. I want to assure you guys that I did not delete it because I was bored with it, I didn't want it or couldn't write it anymore. It was not down to rude reviewers or anything like that. It was purely because of my worry for the copyright issues. I want to apologise to all of you, I really enjoyed writing it, I really did.

I hope you all understand. I am excited to write this since IronDad and SpiderSon is amazing! And did you guys see the new Homecoming trailer! It's awesome! Tony was currently in his lab, tinkering with a new piece of technology he was working on. He was more in deep thought than working really. He was thinking about his intern, Peter, better known as Spider-Man.

Peter had never been to the tower before but he had already had disapproving comments from practically everyone. Fury and Coulson had talked to Peter to get some information on his abilities and had allowed him to continue his street patrols and fighting any villains. Peter had been adamant that he would have continued to fight without permission; something which made Tony smile, but it was that attitude that made Fury and Coulson quite impressed.

Currently, Steve, Banner, Bucky, Clint and Natasha were in the tower and Tony had practically ran to his lab to avoid the comments. He had defended himself so many times with giving Peter a suit, but they didn't listen. I tried to throw it at this group of bad guys and it kinda…blew up in my face," Peter said in embarrassment.

Tony sniggered at this; he could practically feel Peter's embarrassment coming through the line. I'm on the phone to Spider-Man here," Tony said, concerned about the identity of Peter. While they knew he was a kid, he didn't want them visiting him and telling him to quit.

Well not actually meet but-yeah um…" Peter said, starting to get flustered at how fast he was talking as well as getting nervous.

It was the Hulk for crying out loud. I tried to fix them, but it didn't work so I was hoping Mr Stark could help," Peter said shyly. Banner nodded at this but then a thought came to his head. I could help you with it, seeing as Tony is quite busy," Banner said, causing Tony to look at him with wide eyes and a gasp to come from Peter.

Say after school? Tony then turned to him with a frown on his face. He surprised himself with that thought. Sure, Peter was his intern, but he often talked with Peter about his day to day life or when he was feeling down after a hard day at school. What's more, he was worried about how everyone else would react.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. With an incident resulting in his parents death Peter Parker comes to live in the New York sanctum learning to live his life with sorcerers, who all end up being polar opposites.

With fighting. How will Peter be able to cope? What if Spiderman's appearance in Civil War was questioned? Because, you know, Peter Parker is 15? And the whole airport parking lot fight is about international law anyway, so it might be nice to not have, you know, a child soldier there? A tentative prequel to Processing Power featuring: Natasha saying- hell no. Bucky saying- hell no. Sam making therapist face. Pepper Potts being a beautiful and competent human being who has to wrangle superheroes.

T'Challa being a classic Older Sibling, and a voice of reason and international law. Peter Parker being a kid, albeit a kid with great power and great responsibility, and the Avengers and Co.

Peter meets most of the avengers for the first time, without his mask anyway. Will the team accept this precious little bean? Will he still be allowed to be Spider-Man? And what is the secret that seems to be causing the God of Mischief so much pain?

avengers fanfiction peter calls tony during a meeting

The Avengers are supposed to be his rescue. The story of how Tony and Peter's relationship grows into a weird father-son thing, Peter meets the rogue avengers, and Peter falls in love- with the added bonus of it all being broadcasted on twitter.

Tony stars daughter and peter Parker

Peter had never met the rest of the avengers really, other than the fight at civil war, he'd really only talked to Tony often. I mean, of course he'd heard of the other Avengers and obviously fanboyed over them because, who doesn't? But he'd never think he'd ever meet them, one because Tony just seemed to adamant about him "not getting hurt" and "staying a friendly neighbourhood spiderman" you know, blah blah.

And two, because why would he? I mean. Well, he didn't know that there was one occasion that would desperately call for that. Peter becoming an Orphan. It's the rest that matters most. Child soldiers are less experienced, and they are always seven or under, and S.

D takes care of them just fine, but they're not dangerous just mentally unstable, with mental health issues that are tended to once it's made clear they are free, no longer in Hydra's will. So a fifteen-year-old boy who had been nicknamed Spider-Man by Hydra is more unstable than most children and extremely protective of the common agent. A six-year-old boy that's undergone a lot of physical abuse.

Spider-Man is unexpected, but it's nothing they can't handle. He turns in, isn't hostile, doesn't resist, but Peters life is weird and Sad. On one hand his entire family is dead and he lives in an Orphanage which sucks. On the other hand he was bitten by a spider and Became Spiderman. So how did he get adopted into this crazy and fun superfamily?!It's after Civil War though, and Homecoming does not exist.

Contains slight Team Cap bashing. This is my first Avengers fanfic and I know that Peter meeting the Rogue Avengers is kinda overused but I wanted to write a story about that so, here we are. Also, I wanted to post this today as it's Tom Holland's birthday, and Tony Stark's birthday was just a few days ago!

Don't forget to follow, favorite and review! It was Friday. Peter's favorite day of the week. Fridays meant lab days and sometimes spending the night at the compound. Fridays meant tinkering in the lab for hours with Tony, something Peter loved to do.

In short, Fridays meant fun. That is why, when Peter entered the compound on this particular Friday, he was in a great mood and could not wait to meet Mr. Stark was actually going to let Peter tinker with one of the Iron Man suits today, something that Tony never had let Peter do before, so Peter was practically bouncing with excitement.

He got into the elevator and was scrolling through social media when he reached his floor. Stark is? Stark has asked you to wait in the lounge for some time until he gets back. He has told you to eat if you are hungry and that there are snacks in the fridge.

I will notify him about your arrival" said the AI in her cheerful yet monotonous voice.

Stark comes", said Peter and sat down. He figured that he would be waiting for some time so he started finishing up some homework. He had just completed his Math work and was starting on the Chem project when he heard footsteps down the hall. Thinking that it was just Mr. Stark, Peter didn't look up from his work as he heard the footsteps getting closer. Stark do you know the chemical formula of- ",Peter started to say, but stopped when he realised that the person in front of him was not Tony at all, he was far from it, he was a person Peter had idolized before the Siberia incident, he was- "Captain America.

The man in front of him looked a little taken aback by this reaction of Peter but quickly replied with a shrug and a half smile "Yeah, that's me. And you are-?The day wasn't the best Peter's ever had. For one, he had been nursing an injury from the previous night's patrol; one good hit from a steel baseball bat ended up fracturing two ribs and he couldn't exactly sleep in a comfortable position.

Because of that he woke up late, May not waking him because she was pulling a double shift, and because of that he'd missed his bus and would be forced to walk. Could he have swung building to building to get there on time? Technically yes but it would definitely aggravate his ribs and, on top of everything else, it was heavily raining.

Nonetheless he gathered his things and bolted towards the school; he arrived fifteen minutes late. What was worse was the day just seemed to be dragging on. It felt like hours had gone by but it was barely second period. It was completely agonizing and slow.

Not to mention when the bell for second period did finally ring, Flash had accidentally knocked into Peter and jarred his ribs.

All in all, he wasn't having a good day. Tell her you're not feeling good or caught a bug from the rain? As far as she knows I was actually on time and didn't have to walk in the rain and wasn't late to first period. That was an understatement. Tony blew off a meeting with the president when Peter had broken his arm in a fight and needed to be cared for. He definitely had a point. Most injuries he had always seemed to heal over night.

The only ones that needed more care were bullet holes, stab wounds, or if something was broken. He didn't think his ribs had actually been broken, and Karen hadn't said anything about it so he just figured he was banged up. He did a half decent job of wrapping them at least.Stabbing the button for his floor, Tony watches the ring flare to life and thinks about what awaits him beyond the quiet elevator shaft of the former Avenger's Tower.

An ambush from Pepper? An empty floor? The lobby was deserted when he arrived. The weary billionaire had nodded at the stationed guard, slipped him a twenty since it's late and he must be dead on his feet. Even pondering his exhaustion, he keeps a running list of all the tasks he must accomplish before the weeks out.

Announce the new product line. Attend some bullshit corporate party. Meet with the board; Meet with the shareholders; Meet with the lawyers.

avengers fanfiction peter calls tony during a meeting

Hit replay and go again. Yada, yada, yada. Take two. Or three. Or four, whatever. You get the picture; the ass-kissing's never over. At this rate, Tony will be lucky to retire before he's eighty. Scratch that, eighty-five, no—ninety. Mark his words.

It'll be another thirty or forty years before he's allowed to step down. That is—if he doesn't perish in the superhero business first. One day, someday…Tony's gonna want out. Let's just hope that wish gets honoured.

Someday soon; sooner than anybody thinks. Heaving a full-bodied sigh, Tony scrubs his gritty, achy eyes, hooks his brown gradient aviators in his breast pocket, and steps out. Y, email Pepper. Tell her negotiations went well, we'll debrief tomorrow. Actually, set a reminder for me to call her. She'll have my head if I forget.

The housekeeper has been and gone. The penthouse is the same as when he left; three days ago. Dumping his suitcase at the door, he crosses the room to the refrigerator, prying open the heavy door and surveying its contents.Hey everyone!

So I was actually working on something else when the thought for this little drabble forced me to write it. Basically, I wanted to do a piece at Peter's school because what's more fun than breaking the hardass exterior of Tony Stark in front of the entirety of Peter's school.

Peter could not tell Flash that he was part of the reason why Tony had bought the tower back so instead he just sighed and tried to ignore the comment. But Flash was in a mood and he just kept pressing, "Does it ever worry you that some day Tony Stark might stop by the school for one of his education initiatives and that when he doesn't recognize who you are, your whole lie will be exposed?

But Flash was persistent, "Or that maybe someday we'll go on a fieldtrip to the tower and everyone there will wonder why there's a seventeen year old kid who keeps saying he works with them after school? You don't know what you're talking about. But that just egged Flash on, "What's the matter Parker? Can't fight your own battles so you're going to have your girlfriend do it? Peter glanced over at Ned, "Don't say anything else, man.

He'll stop when we get into the auditorium. Ned scoffed at the prospect but he stopped engaging in time for them to make it to the backdoor to the auditorium. They were a few questions into the school-wide practice when the hair on Peter's arm stood up and he could not help but sit a bit straighter in his chair.

The motion pulled Ned's attention to him, and he whispered the best he could, "Peter, what's going on? Peter was focused on a spot at the back of the auditorium and he hissed, "Someone's here, Ned. He could not warn anyone without giving himself away but at the same time, he had to make sure that whatever was about to happen, hurt the fewest people possible.

Then the door at the back of the auditorium snapped open and a tall, spindly man fired two rounds into the ceiling. Immediately chaos broke loose as kids screamed and dove for the floor while teachers watched from where they were crouched near their classes. Peter was the only one who stayed standing. It was only after Ned tugged on his pant leg from under the table that Peter realized he was standing on his own, a bulwark against the threat.

But the tug also reminded him that he was still Peter Parker, not Spider-Man. Peter dropped to the floor next to his friend. Another two rounds hit the ceiling farther into the auditorium, making it sound as though the man was walking toward the stage. Then another two slammed into the ceiling at the front row of seats. The creaking of the wooden stairs signaled his ascent onto the stage and then he fired another couple of rounds into the wall at the back of the stage before he started laughing.

It was a grating laugh that did not make sense because there was no rhythm to it, no consistency to the tone or pitch.

Then as abruptly as the laughing started, it stopped, "So this is Midtown Tech, huh? Not quite what I expected but whatever. I'm looking for Peter Parker. And just to encourage your participation, I'm going to give Peter Parker! Peter heard the collective gasps and screams from the kids, presumably in that row, and knew what he needed to do.

Ignoring the hushed commands of his friends, Peter stood quickly and fixed the man with, what he hoped was, a withering stare, before quietly answering, "I'm Peter. He was lithe but well built, he was a bit more intimidating than he looked at first sight.

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